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To have someone from our Unit contact you about membership, please send an email, or “Click here” to download a PDF document containing the membership application.


Andy Zagorski

Road Captain

Sam Glover


Bob Burke





Past Presidents

2002 Jeff Faith

2003 John Seay

2004 Brian Harrelson

2005 Pail Hull

2006 George Monte

2007 Randy Mort

2008 Chuck Beck

2009 Harry Brumley

2010 Mitch Lokken

2011 Tony Rossi

2012 Ken Faith

2013 Kevin Boland

2014 Ed Sexton

2015 Ian Ielfield

Family & Fun

In our group, fun is one of the most important things we focus on. Family is the other.  We enjoy riding and getting together to spend time with our families and friends and will use any excuse to do so. We are constantly on the move and planning trips across this great state. You can check our schedule by visiting the calendar.