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Join Us Now

To have someone from our Unit contact you about membership, please send an email, or “Click here” to download a PDF document containing the membership application.

Do I Need to Own a Motorcycle?

While we are a motorcycle unit and our members enjoy riding their own motorcycles, you are not required to have one in order to be a Dual member of the Unit. However, you must possess a valid motorcycle endorsement on your license.

How Do I Join?

To join the Iron Horse Unit you first must be a member of the Bahia Shrine. After joining the Shrine, it's just a matter of filling out a unit application, attending one of our regular monthly business meetings and be voted in by the unit members. If you would like some more information about joining the Iron Horse Unit, contact one of the Officers or go to WWW.IRONHORSEUNIT.COM.

How Much Does It Cost to Join?

Initiation is $75 for the first year and includes a T-Shirt. Full Iron Horse members pay annual dues to the unit of $50 and Dual membership is $30.

What Do I Have To Wear?

As a premier unit of the Bahia Shrine, we take pride in our riding and how we look. Each Unit Member should be smartly dressed according to the activity (is communicated ahead of time or see by-laws). Each member of the unit is responsible for purchasing his own uniform which is worn in all parades, competitions and ceremonials. Upon joining the unit, you will be provided with a list of items available.

What happens if I can't make it to all Events?

We hope that Unit Members will make every effort to attend as many activities as possible. Camaraderie, Iron Horse Unit representation, Bahia Shrine pride and support for the Children’s Hospitals are our main priorities. However, we understand that there are commitments such as family, business, or other personal situations that may take precedence. So long as you show support for the other members, maintain enthusiasm for the Unit and participate when able, you'll always be a member of the Iron Horse Family.

When & Where Do We Meet?

The unit meets the Fourth Tuesday around 6:30 PM for fellowship and dinner. Our monthly business meeting follows at 7:30 PM. Up-coming meeting locations are communicated in advance and on website.

Family & Fun

In our group, fun is one of the most important things we focus on. Family is the other.  We enjoy riding and getting together to spend time with our families and friends and will use any excuse to do so. We are constantly on the move and planning trips across this great state. You can check our schedule by visiting the calendar.